The 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum The 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum will be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 1 - 2 September 2015 and will be host to many Project Owners / Developers from Africa who are looking for investors, financiers, partners, service providers and product suppliers to develop Infrastructure Projects across Africa and some specific to certain countries and cities. The focus areas for infrastructure development to be featured at the event include: - Addressing Africa’s infrastructure project preparation challenges - Country focus sessions on Kenya and Tanzania - Transport in Africa (air, road, rail and ports) - ICT & telecommunications - Africa’s critical energy infrastructure (energy projects – power, oil and gas) - Accelerating regional integration and access to markets - Eastern & Central Africa Transport Corridor The event will be hosting Project Owners and Developers and through a formal Business Matchmaking Programme you can meet them and conclude business. We invite you to register to attend the annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum in partnership with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency. Cost: ZAR7,500.00 excl VAT of 14% per delegate Contact person: Liz Hart I I T: +27 11 463-9184 / +27 83 227 5156 To register visit:
At AfricaPace we can pitch your business to the specific clusters mentioned on our site - forward a mail if we can help
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Do you think that there is a few,a lot or millions of people out there that would be willing to take a look at a legitimate business that could generate an income of $4500 minimum per - RONALD SMITH
What are the best dry fruit exporters out of East Africa?
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In Kenya?

- Josephine Mwangi
Kenya is perfect, I am looking for as many locations throughout Africa as possible - Neil Jansson
OPEX Conference - date changes to 19-20 Aug 2014. Please be aware of this change. We will submit a newsletter today holding the details about participating and signing up
Conference - Retail Banking Africa 10th - 12th July 2012. Please note that Fleming Gulf once again has organised a key conference on retail banking in South Africa. For more information please see The conference is at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. To sign up or to get further information please call + 971 4609 1570 or email
Hello, my name is Derek Kwesiga. I am the founder/owner of Derekorp Limited. We are a food processing company based in Kampala, Uganda. Established in 2009, our focus right now is a line of fruit juices under the brand name "JustJoy".
solar-powered fruit dryers with 5 sq m capacity and an enclosed, hygienic cabinet for high efficiency and premium-quality dried fruits and vegetables. $1,400
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Interested in funding for business projects in agribusiness, S.Sudan or renewable energy? 10 Nov, London: visit
What is the largest mixed fruit producer in South Africa?
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Hello what sort of project are we talking about? - Rajabu Kitindi
Overhauling the Agric value chain with ICT (Innovative approach) - Softbound Limited EKO GEA’s Biocomplex 900 crop spray provides multiple improvements in crops & soils - and protects the environment from the effects of intensive agriculture practices. The mechanisms are many and varied (a lot of biological functions happening at once):
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What is the best quality fruit distributor in West Africa?
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I f you are still interested i have a nice 3 star hotel in the south of tunisia in a village called douz .
email me on : - KARIM NASFI
Packing house management
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Looking for investments in this sector. Can be debt or equity or both.
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