Baridi stores is in such for an serious investor in solar generated post harvest equipment and services
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African Business Continuity & Emergency Response Summit 8-19th Aug. AfricaPace members get a 10% discount
I worked as a Sales consultant and IT technician for 3 years at jits and a graphic deseigner and a director of Allegory Printers and Branding Solution (Pty) Ltd for 3 years.
We provide companies with employee scheduling and tracking tools – exception and deviation reporting on planned versus actual (extra costs vs no delivery).Variances
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VIRIDIS AFRICA – Clean technology investment summit, 15 – 16 October 2013, Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
Looking for Partners to deliver transport business operations management services to transportation industry.
I offer services in preparation of customized business plans for individuals, micro, small and medium sized businesses. Additionally I help micro, small and medium sized businesses to prepare final accounts, in bookkeeping, set up customized accounting systems, prepare personal and business tax returns and invest to gain additional income.
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Chimwemwe Multi-Purpose Community Telecentre
Hello, my name is Derek Kwesiga. I am the founder/owner of Derekorp Limited. We are a food processing company based in Kampala, Uganda. Established in 2009, our focus right now is a line of fruit juices under the brand name "JustJoy".
Hello what sort of project are we talking about? - Rajabu Kitindi
Overhauling the Agric value chain with ICT (Innovative approach) - Softbound Limited
Which country has the most start-ups in Africa?
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Start-up Team:
We are founders out of the global IT business and research background, strong relationships to supporters in US, connected to SW development company in India (risk sharing contract) - Splitworker
Status of development: Prototype of website and workflow system in development, mobile app can be outsourced to a vendor who is willing to deliver through a risk sharing model, no permanent IT staff n - Splitworker
Client structure: IT and media companies, online news portals, SMB for specific services, mostly based in UK and US (native English) - Splitworker
We are looking for early stage investors and business angels with good network to media and online companies to establish our service in early 2012. Sales focused on UK and US, user marketing and adve - Splitworker is a professional online networking site connecting Investors with Entrepreneurs. The site offers an access to a network of many business proposals. The opportunities range from seed capital for early-stage business to growth capital for profitable mature businesses. Users may create an entrepreneur Profile, an investor Identity, add other users as professional contacts, and exchange messages. Users can communicate with other users through private messages and a chat feature. The website is available in English and French.
What are venture capitalists looking for in a business plan?
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What would be the best way/strategy to reach out to potential buyers of North American products, but do not have access in terms of markets; shipping and payment methods? - Martin Phiri
If you are yet to develope your proposal, ths s somethong I can assist you with. I can also do the research to inform the proposal set up. - Amwayi Tsuma
Try to contact Ms. Julie Nyaga at 00254 72 05 90 615 - heading the organisation CESRA monitoring donor companies for Kenya and especially established within the area of CSR - Ojvind Krabbe
Please connect to us and we will guide you and your inquiry, have a nice day F&C /Lars - Finance & Competence
I am looking for an investor who is interested in hearing about a ground-breaking start-up. It involves telecoms, solar power and advertising, all coupled into one innovative product, which I have developed!
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