Rainco Industries from Sri Lanka is looking for Distributors/Wholesalers of umbrellas. Get in touch with us.
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Solar LED integration - an ultimate solar lighting solution brought by Greco Solar. Find out more at .
The 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business ForumThe 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum will be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 1 - 2 September 2015 and will be host to many Project Owners / Developers from Africa who are looking for investors, financiers, partners, service providers and product suppliers to develop Infrastructure...
We are looking for Distributors of safety matches in African countries , Interested mail to : alexandersattur@gmail.com
We are seeking distributor for medical consumables in all African Countries?
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The Question
Do you think that there is a few,a lot or millions of people out there that would be willing to take a look at a legitimate business that could generate an income of $4500 minimum per - RONALD SMITH
Please contact us for any of your LED/Solar lights/bulbs requirement.
Shrihari Polyhouse recommends MAXXIVENT greenhouse for high yields of your crops
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Conference - Retail Banking Africa 10th - 12th July 2012. Please note that Fleming Gulf once again has organised a key conference on retail banking in South Africa. For more information please see conference is at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. To sign up or to get further information...
Does AfricaPace run reliably?
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4 in 1 aftermarket device now available for purchase by SADC buyers and distributors. It has 4 main benefits: (1) Rejuvenation of the battery to 90% charge (2) Magnetisation and ionisation of air-fuel mixture (3) Multi-sparking of ignition to eliminate misfire (4) Decarbonisation of the interior surfaces of the engine. Please respond below or send a private...
IMS implementation
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I f you are still interested i have a nice 3 star hotel in the south of tunisia in a village called douz .
email me on : - KARIM NASFI
We are looking for Paint Manufacturers and Paint Raw material suppliers in Angola.
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FTTx FTTH EPON Triple-play SolutionsSUN Telecom Taiwan Founded in 1989, As a well known brand in China and Taiwan. we provide total solution for fiber optic communication
Travelled to Luanda, Angola for a week before joining an Oman based Multinational
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Please send a mail to, we have the contacts and the experience. Thanks. - Olanrewaju Odunowo
On the 15th and 16th of October 2013 the first Clean Technology business and investment conference for the African continent is to be held in Johannesburg South Africa. Called Viridis Africa, the event is dedicated to entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services.
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