Promoting Siyenza Energy INDABA Register as an AfricaPace member and get a 5% discount
Africa Energy Indaba February 2016 See the agenda: Sign up with a 5% discount through AfricaPace:
Solar LED integration - an ultimate solar lighting solution brought by Greco Solar. Find out more at .
The 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum The 4th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum will be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 1 - 2 September 2015 and will be host to many Project Owners / Developers from Africa who are looking for investors, financiers, partners, service providers and product suppliers to develop Infrastructure Projects across Africa and some specific to certain countries and cities. The focus areas for infrastructure development to be featured at the event include: - Addressing Africa’s infrastructure project preparation challenges - Country focus sessions on Kenya and Tanzania - Transport in Africa (air, road, rail and ports) - ICT & telecommunications - Africa’s critical energy infrastructure (energy projects – power, oil and gas) - Accelerating regional integration and access to markets - Eastern & Central Africa Transport Corridor The event will be hosting Project Owners and Developers and through a formal Business Matchmaking Programme you can meet them and conclude business. We invite you to register to attend the annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum in partnership with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency. Cost: ZAR7,500.00 excl VAT of 14% per delegate Contact person: Liz Hart I I T: +27 11 463-9184 / +27 83 227 5156 To register visit:
7th Annual Retail Banking Africa conference 9-11 September, Joburg. AfricaPace members get a 10% discount
Frederik Pétursson Madsen`s pitch to Banking    Financial Services    South Africa    Events    Ghana    Nigeria    Kenya 4 years
African Business Continuity & Emergency Response Summit 8-19th Aug. AfricaPace members get a 10% discount
Do you want to export cacao, fresh fruit or natural ingredients from Ghana to Europe? Have a look at this campaign! You can win a personalized factsheet!
Martin Hulst`s pitch to Ghana 4 years
At AfricaPace we can pitch your business to the specific clusters mentioned on our site - forward a mail if we can help
The Question
Do you think that there is a few,a lot or millions of people out there that would be willing to take a look at a legitimate business that could generate an income of $4500 minimum per - RONALD SMITH
OPEX Conference - date changes to 19-20 Aug 2014. Please be aware of this change. We will submit a newsletter today holding the details about participating and signing up
We are looking for Distributors of safety matches in African countries , Interested mail to :
damion edwin`s pitch to Ghana 6 years
Interested in buying all the tyres...pls do let me know the what would be CiF, Karachi, Pakistan.
Regards, - sandeep shinde
We are seeking distributor for medical consumables in all African Countries?
8 answers 6 years Follow Medical Consumables    Health Equipment    Natural Herbs    Ghana    South Africa    AfricaPace    Zimbabwe    Tanzania    Kenya    Angola    Namibia
The Question
Do you think that there is a few,a lot or millions of people out there that would be willing to take a look at a legitimate business that could generate an income of $4500 minimum per - RONALD SMITH
Will you be visiting Kenya for business or leisure? Let Simba Holidays organize your trip from start to finish. We are one of the Premier Tours and Travel management companies in East Africa, priding ourselves in unmatched services and good value for money.
Shrihari Polyhouse recommends MAXXIVENT greenhouse for high yields of your crops
Parthasarthy Banerjee`s pitch to Angola    Kenya    Management Consulting    Nigeria    Tanzania    Nordic African Trade    Ghana    Uganda    Namibia    Rwanda 6 years
looking for medical distributor in africa
Lisa Huang`s experience to Angola    Kenya    Management Consulting    Nigeria    Tanzania    Nordic African Trade    Ghana    Uganda    Namibia    Rwanda 6 years
VIRIDIS AFRICA – Clean technology investment summit, 15 – 16 October 2013, Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
How do we improve agricultural export from Africa?
2 answers 7 years Follow Ghana    Nigeria    South Africa    Kenya    Tanzania    Uganda    Coffee    Cocoa    Rice    Dairy    Flowers    Tea    Vegetables
Conference - Retail Banking Africa 10th - 12th July 2012. Please note that Fleming Gulf once again has organised a key conference on retail banking in South Africa. For more information please see The conference is at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. To sign up or to get further information please call + 971 4609 1570 or email
Does AfricaPace run reliably?
1 answer 7 years Follow Angola    Kenya    Nigeria    South Africa    Ghana    AfricaPace    Ivory Coast
I have a GREEN technology to license to South Africa. I am South African living in Hong Kong and am manufacturing this patented technology in China for customers
Innovasians Ltd`s pitch to South Africa    Nigeria    Zimbabwe    Kenya    Ghana    AfricaPace    Nordic African Trade 7 years
Hi. I am based in Lagos, Nigeria and operate a startup partnership which focuses on Green Technology. I would like more information about this, please. Do mail me at - Dele Ogundahunsi
Why have the African economies started growing at such a rapid speed?
6 answers 8 years Follow South Africa    Ghana    Tanzania    Uganda
Is it decided which sectors will the fund focus on? - Frederik Pétursson Madsen
Would you be interested in such a venture?

Best regards.

Edmond Kizito.
- Edmond Kizito
we of Baridi stores are looking for investors for our clients and we also need to grow our business - Jessica Bagenda
project progress
Hilary Aben`s experience to South Africa    Nigeria    Zimbabwe    Kenya    Ghana    AfricaPace    Nordic African Trade 8 years
In Kenya?

- Josephine Mwangi
Kenya is perfect, I am looking for as many locations throughout Africa as possible - Neil Jansson
FTTx FTTH EPON Triple-play Solutions SUN Telecom Taiwan Founded in 1989, As a well known brand in China and Taiwan. we provide total solution for fiber optic communication and FTTx GEPON Fiber To The Home and sell our products to more than 70 countries worldwide.
I am looking for knowledge about Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Africa
Ojvind Krabbe`s pitch to Nigeria    Kenya    Ghana    South Africa    Uganda 8 years
I am a final year student of University of Ghana and am working on "Determinants of preference for US poultry in Accra" email me at - Joseph Bandanaa
Ghana HR Solutions`s pitch to Ghana 8 years
What is the potential, legal issues, for collecting scrap metal from public areas in West Africa, predominantly Nigeria?
0 answers 8 years Follow Nigeria    Ghana    Base of the Pyramid    Environmental management    Metals
Like to be your distributor in Nigeria.
pls call me on 08035916360 - PAUL ADEDIGBA
Thank you Paul. As per our discussion please refer to your email for further details on the same. - Mohamed Haris
Like to be your distributor in Uganda call +256 782611246/+256 702878225
e-mail - Jessica Bagenda
What are the language barriers for doing business in West Africa?
7 answers 8 years Follow Human Resources    Ghana    Nigeria
link Video: - María Teresa García García
Looking to develop BPO operations in Ghana
David Hindle`s pitch to Ghana 8 years
Very positive outlook; a sector waiting to really take off. - Surf Publications Ghana Limited
Looking for a career opportunity in Sales, Marketing, and Insurance
`s experience to Ghana 8 years
Looking for HR Officer based in Ghana, mining industry experience. email
Nia Maritz`s pitch to Ghana 8 years
Business Process Outsourcing - UK base, nearshore experience in Poland, offshore experience in India and Sri Lanka. Specialisms: building operations and transforming underperforming operations.
David Hindle`s experience to Ghana 8 years
What is most important to succeed as a business man in Africa?
4 answers 8 years Follow Business Management    Kenya    Nigeria    Ghana
we are currently working on projects in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Ghana and Nigeria - Olivia Watson
What is the best quality fruit distributor in West Africa?
2 answers 8 years Follow Fruits    Ghana    Nigeria    Ivory Coast
I f you are still interested i have a nice 3 star hotel in the south of tunisia in a village called douz .
email me on : - KARIM NASFI
Field research on microfinance in Ghana
Daphne Willems`s experience to Ghana 8 years
Looking to partner with organisations and individuals currently recruiting for the West African Market. Ghana HR Solutions prides itself on having wide range of options, and resources needed to recruit and manage professional talent on demand. We provide the following to our clients ? Full resume database search for suitable candidates. ? Arranging to have adverts on all relevant job boards. ? Arranging for newspaper Adverts (If needed). ? Arranging for a location to conduct all interviews. ? Screening and selection of qualified candidates ? Scheduling of candidates to be available for all interviews. ? Reference checking to verify candidates claims. ? Coordination of Job offer and acceptance
Ghana HR Solutions`s pitch to Ghana 8 years
On the 15th and 16th of October 2013 the Viridis Africa conference is to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is dedicated to the introduction of clean technologies and associated business/investment opportunities. The intention of Viridis Africa is to bring together investors and entrepreneurs from Africa and rest of the world, to jointly explore commercial initiatives in green technologies.
Suza Adam`s pitch to Ghana 8 years
How long does it take to clear a container in Tema, Ghana?
1 answer 8 years Follow Shipping & Logistics    Ghana
On the 16th & 17th October 2012 the second Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking conference for the African continent is to be held at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton South A - Suza Adam
Who produce palm oil in Ghana?
1 answer 8 years Follow Ghana
Hilti Ghana
Mariya Novak`s experience to Ghana 8 years
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