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Hallo Members. If you are in need of cargo containers for use please inbox me. I have units available at Mombasa.
OPEX Conference - date changes to 19-20 Aug 2014. Please be aware of this change. We will submit a newsletter today holding the details about participating and signing up
 Business development / New venture creation  Strategic turnaround and growth strategies  Policy implementation and quality management systems  Key accounts management  Public relations / relationship marketing  Customer Relationship Marketing  Sales Forecasting and strategic planning.  Marketing communication strategies.  Request For Quotations (RFQ) and contracts management
We are looking for reliable distributors/resellers of our producst throughout Africa. We provide competitive pricing, free designs and data loading, and the quickest
I have extensive experience in print and online publishing within the B2B sector. I am currently the marketing directotr of a USB-based product distributor. My skills include marketing strategy, planning and implementation on executive, medium and grass-roots levels.
I would like a news source that can enable me to inform young entrepreneurs in Kenya on opportunities to invest. Please send me the site link.
- Dickson Jakinda
Looking for the best creative solutions for your brand - Print, Tv, Film, Radio, Advertising, Digital, Emerging Tech.
Bridget Scarr`s pitch to Marketing & Promotion 7 years
Advertising Television Film Branding Production, VFX & Post Production Animation
Bridget Scarr`s experience to Marketing & Promotion 7 years
Am looking for all Event Associations and bodies in Africa with a view to sharing event skills, qualifications and professional designations.
40 years as an exhibition organiser and consultant. For last 15 years have specialised in training exhibitors and organisers. Event skills development and qualifications for Africa
Trade Show Training`s experience to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
Send more details please- I might know the right person. - Midway Solar
I recently acquired a dealership of solar light bulbs and i want them to replace the kerosene/oil lamps in Uganda. I need someone to work with, who will help me reach the FINAL user - Dennis Kateregga
Dennis, what roles is the partner going to execute. It seems you are looking for a sales person, is that right? - Josephine Tumwesige
There are places where these solar light bulbs will be needed, where i cannot reach. Like wholesaler to retailer kind of partnership - Dennis Kateregga
Quick question . Do you think you can deliver also in DRC Congo if you have people in charge ?
- Modabi-Bina Auguste ( Gust Bina )
I can deliver to DRC if there is concrete arrangement - Dennis Kateregga
Please contact Volt in Motion small specialist on solar energy in Africa. ask for Pierre from Caroline - Caroline Ngo Mbamseck Bayiha
If you are looking for an experienced professional in a leadership role of PR, brand & corporate comm in Africa, contact me
Looking for a career opportunity in Sales and Marketing
`s experience to Marketing & Promotion    Human Resources 8 years
My involvement in the evolution of technology in the design, marketing and advertising arenas have made me an expert in the internet marketing landscape. I have experience and expertise in running social media and social networking campaigns. I create, plan and execute.
Lisa Leathes`s pitch to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
Link up your actions with the UN International Year for People of African Descent and attract attention!`s pitch to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
We participate in the UN International Year for People of African Descent and developed several art projects and merchandising to be used in it or linking up with other big UN, UNESCO, EU and BRICS initiatives. We have many articles that have been written about them and sell these articles to magazines.`s experience to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
We are looking for new customer base in East Africa in Rice, Cement from Pakistan and soon snack as well.
20 years USA and Africa brand and integrated 360 marketing expertise in private sector and public sector. Telecom, packaged goods, NGO, digital,
Spindle is an employee-owned, boutique public relations and investor relations advisory firm based in Johannesburg. As a strategic corporate communications consulting organisation, it offers value-enhancing counsel in public relations, investor relations, media management, and events.
Suza Adam`s pitch to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
Over 15 years of experience across Advertisiing, Public Relations, Brand Management & Field Marketing.Also posseses knowledge of Internet Marketing & Interactive Marketing.
Dele Ogundahunsi`s experience to Marketing & Promotion 8 years
Dele is a round peg that fits into any marketing hole in and around Africa. He has worked on some major multinational brand and landmark marketing activations in Nigeria. - Ganiyu Olowu
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