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VIRIDIS AFRICA – Clean technology investment summit, 15 – 16 October 2013, Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
Conference - Retail Banking Africa 10th - 12th July 2012. Please note that Fleming Gulf once again has organised a key conference on retail banking in South Africa. For more information please see http://www.fleminggulf.com/cms/uploads/conference/downloads/DBFC97_M.pdf The conference is at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. To sign up or to get further information please call + 971 4609 1570 or email mohor.mukherjee@fleminggulf.com
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1. Ecommerce Business Challenges Business houses big or small, generic or specialized, today need to deal with high global competition right at their doorstep. Extremely price sensitive, fickle customer loyalty, evolving global regulations, short product life cycles and dropping margins are just some of the important business challenges that eCommerce business today need to deal with. These challenges require enterprises to develop unique strategies to liaison with partners & service providers and adopt strategies for eMarketing, Advertisement, Brand management, pricing, payments, channel convergence, customer behavior analytics & personalization and an online as well as offline shopping experience besides core commerce that is beyond the realms of traditional eCommerce. How to overcome it? Stixis understands these challenges of today’s fast paced eCommerce industry in great detail. We understand successful eCommerce today is not merely an orchestration of retailing products online but modeling and e-enabling of a very complex, liaison oriented and rapidly changing business solution, online. The demand that such a challenge presents on IT solutions, Infrastructure management, Support services, Professional services, Back office operations and customer support requires deep understanding of the domain and specialized expertise and experience in enabling these solutions. Stixis understands today’s need of business to have e-commerce sites engage customers through mobile sites and smartphone applications; providing customer feedback through ratings, reviews and blogs; and engaging through social sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the newest Web technologies are providing an online experience that is innovative, enriching, and easier to use. It is critical for businesses not only to capitalize on new technologies and capabilities, but also to offer you reliable, stable and fast performance when doing business across the Web. If your commerce site isn’t user-friendly, or is slow or unresponsive, it reflects negatively on your brand and will drive your customers away. 2. A comprehensive commerce strategy should include: Precision marketing features - Cross-sell /up-sell, promotions, segmented communication, and analytics and reporting Customer self-service features - Registration, My Account, order and payment history/status, payment integration, and shipping methods /charges /tracking Product catalog and maintenance - Categorization and navigation, inventory/pricing, contract pricing, attributes, and search Order management features - Inventory integration, partner integration, payment integration, financial system integration, and returns, exchanges and refunds Social commerce features - Smartphone site and applications, ratings and reviews, and forums and blog integration. 3. Value added services Stixis focuses extensively both as a solutions provider of full life-cycle eCommerce solutions (custom and integrations based) as well as specialized integrator & solutions provider for core-commerce building blocks. We provide strategy and services to maximize our client’s investments by means of targeted content delivery and multi-channel convergence. Our RIA development, UXM, CMS, enterprise application integration& SOA has helped enterprises in leveraging Next Generation eCommerce technologies. Our expertise includes extensive experience on creating, maintaining and enhancing solutions for the following eCommerce segments. Our eCommerce has variety of services: a) eCommerce Functional components: Order Management, Catalog Transaction Reporting, Business Intelligence b) B2C: Personalization, Live Chat, Community, email Marketing Social Networking c) B2B: Collaboration, Product Information Management, Customer Web Store, Promotions Management d) Design & Blue Print, Application Development & Integration, Application Management, Automation & Performance Testing, Application Deployment, Application Porting & Migration e) User Interface & Web site Response time optimization Infrastructure: 24x7 support, Managed-hosting services, PCI compliance Our team has proven delivery capabilities around such multiple-product platforms such as ATG and IBM WebSphere. Using our domain and application development expertise, we have helped many organizations build customized e-commerce platforms.