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What are the leading software development companies in Africa?
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Nielsen sells data on the FMCG sector in Africa. We audit the traditional/market trade and the retail outlets also give us information on what they are selling directly to consumers. - Sisanda Rulashe
Does Nielson provide their customers with real time point of sale market performance data as they do in Europe or is the data mainly from market surveys? - Simon Githinji
Looking for Partners to deliver transport business operations management services to transportation industry.
getBIZZI her smart appointment solutions is also know as smart resource management. We have made appointments, bookings, reservations and connecting resources to events intelligent. It is truly 24/7 directly online and bi-directional. Featuring the ability to add online appointment services and other marketing services to your Internet channels, even using your own brand. Clients can be found in the SME and the large enterprises. With Yellow Pages we have a directory services that has created a complete new booking portal for her clients/prospect (see The solution is based upon the following 7 pillars: 1. beaccessible 2. manageschedule 3. increasesatisfaction 4. reducecosts 5. enableself-service 6. qualifyleads 7. generatevalue
Have a SaaS solution developed. It is an online appointment solution in the cloud. It started for the SME space but now also larger and even enterprise companies show their interest. It helps their prospects and customer to quicker make an appointment for their services. See or for an example You can contact me at
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