What are ex-patriots doing in Universities to network with prospective employers in their host countries?
Jacque Zoccoli`s experience to Universities3 years
OPEX Conference - date changes to 19-20 Aug 2014. Please be aware of this change. We will submit a newsletter today holding the details about participating and signing up
Are you looking for legal services in Nigeria and Sierra Leone? Do you need legal advisory services? Contact me for assistance. extensive experience of working with International Organisations
Conference - Retail Banking Africa 10th - 12th July 2012. Please note that Fleming Gulf once again has organised a key conference on retail banking in South Africa. For more information please see http://www.fleminggulf.com/cms/uploads/conference/downloads/DBFC97_M.pdf The conference is at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. To sign up or to get further information please call + 971 4609 1570 or email mohor.mukherjee@fleminggulf.com
I managed a self-funded entity within the University which focused on the provision of short courses and management programmes to industry. I was responsible for the viability and sustainability of the Centre; responsible for growth in turnover from R600 000 to R6 million currently in 2006; responsible for development of strategy; responsible for recruitment and management of staff members (currently 14 in total); responsible for evaluation of staff performance; responsible for the planning and implementation of the annual budget of the Centre; required to liaise at top level with NMMU management, and academic staff members when applicable; responsible for marketing of the Centre to Corporate and non-Corporate clients; responsible for maintaining standards of excellence set by the Centre and a strong customer focus through good quality products and service delivery; responsible for obtaining accreditation for the Centre`s various training programmes/modules with the relevant accreditation bodies (SETA`s and University bodies). Significant projects undertaken whilst at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (UPE): 1. Development and approval of a new BCom Degree. I was instrumental in driving the process for creating and promoting learning pathways for students at the Management Development Centre. My vision was to be able to take a person without any formal qualifications and develop; him through a series of leadership programmes from first line manager, through supervisory skills, to the 18-month long middle management qualification called our MDP Diploma. Upon successful completion of the MDP Diploma a student would earn formal credits onto a BCom degree. After completing the BCom degree, a student could qualify for the MBA Programme. This project was undertaken over a two year period and involved the design, development, promotion and selling of the concept to academia. This was eventually successfully achieved in 2002. It is now possible to develop someone from shop floor level through to senior management level utilising the learning pathway at the NMMU as a result. 2. Merger of the PE Technikon and UPE: Creation of the NMMU Business School concept. I was instrumental in facilitating and promoting the relationship between the MBA programme at the PE Technikon and my own unit, The Management Development Centre, at UPE. The result of this co-operation, which was built up over many years, was the natural process of forming the NMMU Business School concept after the PE Technikon and UPE merger in 2005. Today the unit which I ran and developed, is now known as the School of Leadership at the NMMU Business School. It is well known for its professional approach to corporate training and is ranked amongst the top Business Schools in South Africa for its corporate leadership and management programmes and short courses.
Organisational Management, Leadership and Teambuilding Training Provider
Head of HR and Communication at Roskilde University, Denmark
Adjunct Faculty, Institute of Business Administration at Jahangirnagar University
Is it decided which sectors will the fund focus on? - Frederik Pétursson Madsen
Would you be interested in such a venture?


Best regards.

Edmond Kizito.
- Edmond Kizito
we of Baridi stores are looking for investors for our clients and we also need to grow our business - Jessica Bagenda
getBIZZI is helping Universities to live up to the digital age. We enable students with a solution to setup appointments via the internet with their professor, university staff, mentor, coaches etc. Just with the click of a mouse. This can be done integrated in the website of the university. Either a real meeting, a skype call, telephone call etc. Can be done for 1 calendar for 1 person or the complete university. Feel free to contact
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What are you looking at? Do you need research assistants to help you with your study? -
Cutting Edge Consultancy Training and excellent On Going Support. We do not just advise and train. We are with you all the way guiding and supporting you and providing you with need to know up to date information. We will be delighted to help Email us at: nab@opp-knocks.co.uk
Opportunity Knocks Uk`s pitch to Universities 8 years
Career Exploration & Management Consultancy, Educational Consultancy & Mentoring and Enterprise Skills Development
Opportunity Knocks Uk`s experience to Universities 8 years
Leadership Development, Conflict Management, Problem Solving and Goal Setting Workshops.Any university that is interested in leadership training as well as teambuilding for their staff and students are welcome to contact me on monica.heynes@gmail.com
My Virtual Worker`s pitch to Universities 8 years
providing organisational and leadership training to university students across Africa. Teambuilding sessions also been facilitated on request for staff and students.
My Virtual Worker`s experience to Universities 8 years
International University students are welcome to have have hands on experience working with communities and community organizations in Kenya. We organize volunteer and internships in Health, women empowerment, youth development, education, agriculture, environment conservation, etc
VILLAGE VENTURES KENYA`s pitch to Universities 8 years
Tis sounds very interesting. Send me more information on monica.heynes@gmail.com - My Virtual Worker
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International University students are welcome to have have hands on experience working with communities and community organizations in Kenya. We organize volunteer and internships in Health, women empowerment, youth development, education, agriculture, environment conservation, etc