Medical Consumables
We are professional supplier of medical equipment in China for many years, we are looking for partners to distribute our product
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What kind of medical equipment do you supply? We can look into distributing to the Nigerian, Kenyan and South African Markets.
Contact me at: - Endre Deri
wound care
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Min 3 Years in the Feild of Medical Distribution.
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Looking for a parter to market and sell Sicher Health care (OT & ICU consumables) in the African Market. These products are compactable with all major MNC brands
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We are seeking distributor for medical consumables in all African Countries?
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The Question
Do you think that there is a few,a lot or millions of people out there that would be willing to take a look at a legitimate business that could generate an income of $4500 minimum per - RONALD SMITH
Looking for Global Partner in Medical Equipment Field