Augustine Tours was founded with a unique aim to provide Private Tours & Corporate Travels to Africa. Inspired by St. Augustine” The World is a book and those
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Prior to founding his company in 2010 at the age of 26, Augustin spent nearly half a decade as hotel front office manager in Burundi where he acquired a taste of the hospitality industry. After 8 years running his company, he has recently opened a new office in Germany, Augustine Tours-Europe. Augustin lives in Luneburg in Lower Saxony in Germany. In his free time, you can find him reading articles and books about business trends and entrepreneurship.
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many years with the former company AIR AFRIQUE and now with CEIBA intercontinental since 2008.
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What would be the best way/strategy to reach out to potential buyers of North American products, but do not have access in terms of markets; shipping and payment methods? - Martin Phiri
If you are yet to develope your proposal, ths s somethong I can assist you with. I can also do the research to inform the proposal set up. - Amwayi Tsuma
Try to contact Ms. Julie Nyaga at 00254 72 05 90 615 - heading the organisation CESRA monitoring donor companies for Kenya and especially established within the area of CSR - Ojvind Krabbe
Please connect to us and we will guide you and your inquiry, have a nice day F&C /Lars - Finance & Competence
We are looking for privately owned Lodges/ Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts to promote
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I f you are still interested i have a nice 3 star hotel in the south of tunisia in a village called douz .
email me on : - KARIM NASFI
Bringing Kenyan Beaded Sandals and Textiles to South Africa. Cooperative needs funding to get this operation of the ground.
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What Social, Economic and Environmental issues present themselves when a new tourism project is developed in Sierra Leone?
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What business sectors are you preferably looking at and do you have certain countries in sight? Where are you based? - Ojvind Krabbe
Have created a network of responsible tourism projects based in West Africa, organisations working towards developing tourism in a sustainable manner, and individuals passionate about using tourism as a tool to alleviate poverty.
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2011 was a year filled with exciting work as IKS provided research for the Department of Arts and Culture involving the University of Cape Town, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Treasury. We al - IKS Consulting and Promotions
destination videos
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How many travel agencies are there in Uganda?
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You have in Cameroon good potential to produce organic honey. We trade honey form Cameroon to North Africa. If you need help send me more information but in French.
- Caroline Ngo Mbamseck Bayiha
Kenyas Eastern and Central rift are essentially great organic honey zones. You could frnish more info and i will support with further discussions. Inbox me please - euclid ombasa
Uganda has the best honey - Dennis Kateregga
At Karibu Holidays, we are looking for Hotels, Lodges, Ground Operators, etc. to send us your details so we can organize travel/tourism packages from Tanzania!
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