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Where do I find the import tariff rates for import to Ghana?
Caesar OnejemeLead, Business Development Fleet Technologies Limited
What's the average duty one is expected to pay on a Saloon Car?
Oct 05, 2011
Just answered it. For further info, you can contact me - Anthony Hama 8 years

Uffe Jon CarlsonFreelance Consultant
Try this

Not new but might give you an idea.

Oct 13, 2011

Anthony HamaConsultant
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Customs under the Ghana Revenue Authority website
Oct 05, 2011
So not not even an acknowledgment to my email to the Ghana Revenue authority. This doesn’t surprise me to be honest, but is disappointing & adds weight to my feeling of a lack of confidence in Ghana authorities and their accountability.

Let me give you an example, I went to the DVLA (near area 37 ) to get a driving license. I was blatantly offered a license at the gates of the DVLA no questions asked for 200 cedis; since the actual cost was around 35 cedis I told them to take a hike. At one stage they asked me to look down a binocular microscope to look at fine print. They said this was to test if I would be able to see large lorries at 25 yards, my bottom jaw nearly hit the desk! The whole thing was a joke. I eventually met someone with sense and on seeing my British Driving License someone just wrought me out a Ghana one.

Its the same nonsense with the GRA as far as I can see. Firstly if you look at their requirements to getting an import license or should I say the three bits of paper you need they are actually supporting the black market economy in making it difficult for legally minded people to be able to do business, and they are losing tax money.

My observation is that Ghanaian in particular are not going to bother with this unnecessary bureaucracy they just send things on the basis that its their personal possession,s door to door, and tip custom offices at the port as required. - andrew brookes 7 years
the website address is:

I have sent an email to the Ghana Revenue Authority about import duties;if they respond will post their reply - andrew brookes 7 years

Black Swan ConsultTrade & Retail
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Ghana Shippers Council
Aug 12, 2011
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