What does "The new deal on energy in Africa" aim to achieve?
Kristian LundProject Manager Væksthus Greater Copenhagen
The New Deal on Energy for Africa is a partnership-driven effort initiated by AfDB.

The aim is to improve Africa's energy sector and power economic growth through more sustainable energy sources and reliable infrastructure. They have set out several goals and initiatives, including to:

- Increase on-grid generation to add 160GW of new capacity by 2025
- Increase on-grid transmission and grid connections that will create 130 million new connections by 2025, 160 percent more than today.
- Increase off-grid generation to add 75 million connections by 2025, 20 times what we have today.
- Increase access to clean cooking energy for around 130 million households.

A lot of fancy policy words but there are interesting business opportunities to pursue in this space.

You can read more about the New Deal on www.afdb.org.

Alternatively, meet and discuss with policy-makers and the private sector at some of the interesting energy conferences coming up in 2016. I expect the New Deal objectives will drive much of the agenda in the years to come, e.g. at www.africaenergyindaba.com

Feb 01, 2016
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