Which smartphone brand is the most popular in South Africa?
Kristian LundProject Manager Væksthus Greater Copenhagen
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According to studies made by effectivemeasure, Blackberry is the major smartphone provider followed by Samsung and Nokia.

The Blackberry has been popular because of its internal messaging and relative low price, but future projections show a decline in sales due to Samsung’s presence in the market. 41% of SA's internet users said they are planning to purchase a Samsung smartphone when replacing the current device.

So it seems as if Samsung is taking over in popularity among smart phone users in South Africa.

You can read more in-depth details on: http://www.effectivemeasure.com/popular-smartphones-south-africa
Jan 22, 2016

Frederik EbbesenDenmark
Thanks for the answer. Do you know which applications are the most popular among the smartphone users in SA?
Jan 22, 2016

Kristian LundProject Manager Væksthus Greater Copenhagen
Have a look at South African Mobile Report. There it states that Instant Messaging accounts for 27% of all mobile usage, e-mails around 23% and social networking 14%.

Worth mentioning is that that 1/3 of all smart phone users make mobile payments and transactions. I can only assume that this number has increased since the report was published,
Jan 22, 2016
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