Selling luxury goods in Nigeria - worth it?
Frederik EbbesenDenmark
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I believe so. I will answer your question from a clothing perspective.

It is expected that Nigeria's appeal and footwear specialists industry will increase 93% between 2014-2019. This is just one of the reasons why Nigeria is so interesting right now, and why many luxury good companies expands from South Africa to Nigeria at the moment.

As we know, clothing is used as a symbol of status and wealth, creating demand for designer labels and heavily logoed products due to a growing middle-class. International brands are demanded, but with designs that reflects local culture and preferences. Furthermore Sub-Saharan Africa will have the highest growth globally in child population (2013-2020) Combine a growing middle class with brands affiliated with quality meaning great opportunities in childrenswear.

There is however a restricted amount of prime retail locations and a slow development of shopping malls. This in turn, is likely to drive a dynamic growth in e-commerce. Either way - establishing in Nigeria with a long term investment shows great prospects.
Jan 11, 2016
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