What requirements should an African company follow to be able to export food supplements to the EU?
Martin HulstProject Officer CBI - Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries
First of all African companies need to make sure that their food supplements are permitted for the intended use, i.e. are they on the so-called “positive list”. These positive lists can differ from country to country in the EU.

There are several requirements that African suppliers need to comply with when exporting to Europe:

- Pesticide levels (MRLs)
- Maximum levels of contaminants
- Legal requirements around food hygiene (HACCP) etc.

In addition, it should be possible for authorities to trace when and where the supplements have been produced.

You can read more detailed information about requirements for African companies that want to export food supplements to Europe on the website of the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries. http://bit.ly/1Mhz5ci
Oct 08, 2015
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