Need distributors of Medical consumables in Africa?
Godfrey KuriaSenior Business Analyst British American Tobacco
1 point. Voted up by Ojvind Krabbe
What kind of consumables? engage me on
Aug 15, 2014

Nathaniel bona Arthurcommunity relations officer zoil servicec ltd (oil waste treatment plant)
Can i be a distributor? Im a teacher in Ghana.
Jul 05, 2014

Elgon MotondiSupervisor
I have ready market in Uganda give me the product line & quotations
Sep 17, 2014
Please share your email id. Thanks. - Ankit Bhardwaj 5 years

Andrea D\'AnnibalePresident Help Business LLC
i have a producer company of disposable anesthesia circuits for Africa
Dec 05, 2014

Calvin MosetiPharmacist
which medical consumables do you deal in.
Nov 19, 2015

Kouassi Kouakou PatriceBusiness Consultant Ivoire Investment Corporation
-1 point. Voted up by Kouassi Kouakou Patrice
Jul 05, 2014
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