What tools and products should African banks offer in order to attract more small scale private clients?
Penond MarcSenior consultant Africa Consulting Strategy & Services
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Another question also are; what tools and products should African banks offert in order to be confident to more customers services a attract more small scall private clients?

My thought go directly on the rural population, precisely for Agricultural population, who reprensent 2/3 of our national demography. 80% of them own the small to midlle space of field. All of them are planned or doing agricultural bussinesses. and 60% are illiterate. Although they all need money to expand their arable land, or to purchase new seeds, or lease of land to cultivate, they dare not even go ves the financial institution that anyway, have no products or services corresponding to their profiles.
Although we say, banks are commercial entities, so in search of profits and big profits.
The question is to find a platform that would allow banks to deploy their products and services with insurance, which correspond to the needs of rural and semi-urban areas.
Banks and micro-credit, financing their studies based on guarantees, the History of customers, geographic information, and more. If such a platform can bring together all of the element, then the trust and risks related to products and services may beings fully insured and reduced.
I think a platform that could allow a collection of information on the rural population in general, and particularly on the agricultural population. types of information that could be geographical, the activities of the client, parental status, history of agricultural production, profit monthly and annual.
Cooperatives, associations Agicoles and communotaire, NGOs, government and international institutions through multiple leus rural development program and reduction of poverty in rural areas, each with its side portions of information. All this information, put together, can be an important database for banks. Thus, on the basis of its information banks and micro-credit can design kinds of products and services to offer their prospects in rural areas.
This platform could be:
- Banks / Micro-Credit
- Population rural / agricultural / cooperative / association
- The government / international institutions / NGOs
- An integrated information Systems
The mobile telephone has a high penetration rate in Africa, could support and made basic interface connected to the platform, to collect information about the people and Terminat payment for electronic banking.
In my country, the rural population represents 57% of the total population. The agricultural sector accounts for nearly one third of the GDP and employs two thirds of the workforce. It is therefore clear that the next sector development banks and micro-credit, is the development of products and services dedicate to rural areas.

Kanga Penond Marc

IT/S & Telecom Specialist

Dec 10, 2012

Clock Tower InternationalConsulting
Access to information - which currently is being provided by private organisations and telecom companies which is making them very profitable. If the costs were taken on by banks this would assist micro enterprises or sold in relation to a savings product which is easily accessible through mobile interface that would provide MSME's with the assistance they require.

I'm afraid I am not a big fan of the word illiterate... Many micro entrepreneurs like farmers etc. have basic alphabet and numeracy skills and / or access to someone who does. Having worked on an m-Farmer type solution in Tanzania this became inherently apparent that language etc. wasn't the first barrier it was the access to "relevant" information.

With ref. to banking products, it is easy for banks to create solutions to allow the micro enterprises onto their platforms but like most businesses they initially only review the delivery and management costs rather than the overall impact and new business that is likely to be developed. Finally, majority of these clients live in rural settings where the telecom links are not well developed. Here, collaboration can lead the way.
Dec 13, 2012
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