In which Sub-Saharan countries do we find the best opportunities for establishing food and beverage retail sales?
Clearly retail sales follow a) population size, and b) disposable income of that population. Then you need c) a reasonable infrastructure, and d) to be comfortable operating in that environment. a) and b) can be googled, then it's your call - c depends on your product, and d is just up to you..
Nov 13, 2012

Olufunke SotinwaBusiness Head
I think its best to first do your own research on what region of the continent you want to enter: East, West or South. while its a diverse continent, the regions are somewhat similar in culture and politics.

Nigeria might seem attractive due to its population size and deceiving economic growth, however the big multinationals who have been around since colonial times are very territorial
Jan 20, 2014
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