What is the market potential for quality second hand production equipment in Africa?
Brian MparadziManaging Consultant Xerxes Consulting
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I think the market is quite substantial as most African countries do not have sufficient capital reserves to invest in new equipment and more often than not invest in refurbished or good second hand plant and equipment. I am in Zimbabwe and I am aware that most companies in the manufacturing companies need to recapitalise their equipment as output levels are low due to redundant machinery. If you are interested in our market you may contact me on brian.mparadzi@zol.co.zw. Zimbabwe may seem as a unfavourable investment destination however this is contrary to the situation on the ground.
Oct 23, 2012

Charles ThaiyaConsultant Spasys
Unless governments are pushing for industrialization, then any equipment whether new or second hand will be of little use. If there are incentives to production, then the market explodes. Africa can be the leading exporter of many items cost effectively and competitively from canned fruits to processed tea and coffee. African has the best naturak resources but do we expolit them ?
Oct 23, 2012

Vellag LtdAgriculture
Definitely very high. Good used plant equipment will give you lots of service providing you operate it properly and look after it. British made crop processing equipment by Alvan Blanch for example will last for 20+ years if treated well.
Oct 23, 2012

Dennis KatereggaPresident & CEO Angala Group
Second hand equipment is the real deal in Uganda as new equipment are very expensive. Good second equipment can improve on the production of goods
Oct 25, 2012

Very high provided they are from a reliable manufacturer / source in terms of durability, availability of spares, servicing and adaptable consumables like packaging material. We have been looking for equipment for food processing for the last one year and the best source we got - new, was from Italy but cost Euro 1,340,000. Totally out of reach!!!. We resorted to China and got an offer of the same equipment at USD 100,000, But, can't trrust it. With this background, i would tell you, its much available and if you are thinking Uganda, we have the project and we need equipment for cereal manufacturing.
Feb 26, 2013
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