How can e-learning be widely implemented in daily education using mobile phones?
Dennis KatereggaPresident & CEO Angala Group
That can be good venture but it should be designed for all generations of phones. As it may work very well with 3 generation phones and above. Affordability may come in question, who will be able to afford those phones, we still have families living below the poverty line.
Oct 16, 2012

andrew brookesdirector NGO - Children Charitable Foundation
Couple of things one is that smart phones are ok on 2. 3 and the comi
ng 4 G but when I was in Ghana not that long ago looking at USB dongles to connect to the internet some were still using “edge” . It was so slow I couldn’t even get through to AOL to read emails.

Even if you have 2 or 3 G the smart phones are OK for getting email titles, but I find them fiddly for much in depth research.

A way forward would be to have computers on an offline basis ,at schools or community centres since then all you need is electricity via a regulator. On the PC you have a web server and a good educational resource such as the school wiki download. This would be a start, since a lot of schools don’t even have
any working computers. See:

There is going to be a cost issue spending any time getting online through a phone.

Oct 16, 2012

Sturmius MtweveProject Coordinator SUYAPIP
It is undeniably true that there are a lot of opportunities to invest mobile apps that will be used for providing e-learning in the continent. the only thing to do before introducing this program to many, there is a high need to use media platforms -as a way of creating awareness on the new programs due to be established.

Experiences show that, even if you send a good and informative message to someone who doesn't know what is going on and what does it mean, there are few chances of paying attention to it -since this is still a new phenomenon to the majority.

but on the other hand, mobile communication can be very effective taking into account that many Africans now own phones -a situation that may as well, if well devised bring great revolutions in the learning sector in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Oct 16, 2012
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