How can social networks like FaceBook help business development in Africa?
Yotam ArielManaging Director Bennu-Solar
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Twitter is super useful,
as it helps us a lot for our solar products verification stickers and feedback system (

Users can Tweet via SMS the code they see on each sticker, and get an auto response that the product is genuine, as well as report feedback, or ask for after-sales support.

Finally, low-income villagers will not get cheated into buying fake/substandard solar products from businesses who make promises but don't keep them.

With the BennuValue stickers, they can quickly tell they are getting a good deal.

Thanks to Twitter, this is basically free!

Oh here is another cool way of using Twitter - solving crime:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can further help with anything (

Oct 09, 2012

Dennis KatereggaPresident & CEO Angala Group
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The help is limited as huge percentage of the population has no access to internet or they are not computer literate
Oct 09, 2012
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