What is the best way to market basic consumer goods in growing economies in Africa?
Muthoni NjeruStudent-Economics and Statistics
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Africa, remains one of the most homely communities in Africa. By getting them to sing your product it basically begins to sell itself. In all modes of advertising be it TV, radio, posters, promotions or even word of mouth promotions, the best way to market is to get a punchline or a mantra that causes the people to associate with the product at a personal level. By making the user feel they own the product, they literally sell it for you.the following are example drawn from Kenya my homeland that can be considered the best adverts that made a change in the company sales:-

Safaricom a telecommunication mobile service provider company that currently holds the highest customer base in Kenya- Niko Na translated to mean, I'm with Safaricom

Equity Bank, the largest micro finance banking institution that has attracted members from the middle class and made banking accessible in the grass root level and can arguably be named as the largest bank in Kenya. name of the advert- Mimi ni member translated to mean I am a member

By personalizing the adverts, the above companies raised awareness and increased their consumer base.

the other strategy especially with household products is reaching the children. it has been noticed in several personal observations made over time the elite and the middle class do lump sum shopping monthly and many times they do it as a family, and bring the children along. the children, I have noted, have an overwhelming ability to influence their parents into buying their favorite household good be it detergents, food stuff and even electronics. the advertisements are thus aimed at the children and by appealing to them, they get their customer base.

i hope this helps. feel free to contact me at bmnjeru@gmail.com for any clarification or any other matter
Aug 07, 2012
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