How do we implement advanced but affordable technological solutions to support large population groups in Africa?
Biplab PaulHead NGO
Dear Krabbe: interesting query.

I have not worked in africa but have similar experience in Asia.

My first question will be what is the primary intention of the implementation and what is the expected timeframe. If it is profit making then traditional models of franchisee and collaboration etc can be followed.

We are from social enterprise - let me explain what we have tried:
1. If it is social enterprise then it can be open source
2. Capacity building and then support with seed fund more like a franchise model but majority of the ownership lies with the local level promoters
3. instead of implementation through individual it can be also through smart network. when regular network ensures horizontal growth, smart network actually proposes exponential growth. the critical factor in the smart network expansion is they should buy in your idea. this has added advantages as well as we need to be flexible and pinpoint our non negotiable principle.

will love to discuss more.
Biplab K Paul

Ashoka Change Maker Fellow
India Change Maker
Ashoka Globalizer

World Bank IDM 2007 awardee
Jal Star awardee
AK Shah memorial awardee for best contribution in state's Rural development
Ambassador for Peace awardee
Jul 02, 2012

Sturmius MtweveProject Coordinator SUYAPIP
I think the big problem with Africa is lack of education and awareness of the current technological revolutions. this is being caused by the poor education system as well as technological backwardness backed by unsustainable financial resources and experts in this field.

Because of this,I think capacity building is the most important thing that should be done in Africa, because without preparing it for these changes, there is nothing that will be achieved, and if it is to be achieved it will take decades.
Jul 11, 2012

Vincent MutaviICT consultant
From my experience you need to do several things...
1) while the technology may be in existence you need to adapt it to the local community. This means get the people from the communities to give you their inputs and suggestions this is because the obstacles to the adoption can easily be identified.

2) The adaptations need to include a value across the entire chain..

3)Free is not always free" in a large communities and in most cases the technology should cost something , when it is free it is treated with suspicion , apprehension and always on the lookout for the hidden dagger. let there be a cost even though negligible it creates a sense of networth.


Jul 16, 2012

EDM InvestmentsFinance & Investment
You need to think of solutions beyond what is currently available - your basic outside the box thought processes.

Some basic thoughts - affordability - low - numbers = great; infrastructure - almost zero; technology problems = massive; technology awareness = high; finance = low;

Think along the lines of clockwork radio, etc
Jul 19, 2012
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