Looking for a Regional Distributor who has wide market channel. We are the leading Company in Medical Equipment field in China?
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May 22, 2012

Okey Leonard EnyinnaManaging director NEGOCEINFO
I am interested.Please email me more information.
Aug 11, 2013

jackson MpendaInterpreneurs EBOSI
Hello,i am interested to Establish a local company with you in Tanzania.For starting I can finance it for 20,000usd.I am in China now.
Feb 09, 2014
Hi Mr. Mpenda

Welcome to China. It is very nice to have your message. My email address is mason.ding@hotmail.com

If convenient, it will be grateful to have you as my new clients. Regarding the medical scalpel, i wish to have your opinions. I wish our advanced sapphire scalpel and Diamond Blade could be introduced.

For further, feel free to send me email.

Thank you
With Regards

Mason.Ding - Xi\'an Tech-Pack Co.,Ltd 5 years

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