How dominant will smart phones be compared to lap tops in Africa?
Njabulo SkhosanaFounder and Owner Gnosia Global
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Most experts and industry insiders expect faster growing number of Africans will choose to access the internet access using mobile devices as opposed to laptops or desktops in coming years. This is largely expected to be down to the cost effective nature of setting up mobile internet in comparison to fixed lines. However, there is most definitely still space for both types of device in the market....

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Feb 12, 2012

Research Solutions AfricaConsulting
In general terms, read For specific data, I am able to give you rough numbers. Exact ones would require dedicated market research (which we would be happy to provide).
Feb 16, 2012

Raymond LebonaPartner The Burlington Group
Smart phones and tablets are the future. Laptops are the thing of the past. Sales of laptops will start to decline and will experience the dead cat bounce. RIM and Apple need to take the African market of a billion people seriously, or by the time they wake up, Samsung, HTC, etc., and other Asian smartphones and tablets have taken the market.
Jul 27, 2012

Kaliko OlowoleManaging director Yellowbrickroad
It is interesting to note that despite the fact majority of africans have access to the Internet via mobile phones (as opposed to laptops), there is little availability of mobi sites as compared to Internet sites
Sep 27, 2012

Eric ThimbaRegional Portfolio Analytics Manager Standard Bank of South Africa
for most home users, laptops are becoming obsolete - most people who can afford a laptop for email, movies, games, etc having moved on to smartphones and tablets
Sep 27, 2012
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