Where in Africa are the best companies for mobile phone application development?
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Right now East Africa (mostly Kenya, e.g. the infoDev funded incubator m-labs). By the end of this year, Nigeria will appear on the map as the country mutiplies its bandwidth (e.g. CC-Hub in Lagos).
Feb 16, 2012

Sadiq Abdulai AbuBrands and Communications Manager Streemio Technologies
Ghana is also steeping to it particularly with the presence of the MeltWater foundation funded Entrepreneurial School of technology, based in Accra, through this more than 5 mobile apps have been created, prominent among them are Streemio- a mobile music streaming service which is scheduled to go live on a wide scale in April, Saya- a mobile messaging app that as it stands now, has garnered 15000 activations after going live two weeks ago and Nandi mobile - a bulk sms management app company that keeps growing it's clientele in the country

Apart from this, the number of mobile apps/software developers in Ghana keeps growing, in fact there are a lot of organizations employing these developers and some of them are doing amazing things for their organisations.
Mar 26, 2012

I Think LtdConsulting
Are there possibilities of stategical alliance with other incubators or conceptor for the creation of Mobile apps build for Africa by Africans but with transfer in Knowledge and technology from Europe, India or USA
May 17, 2012

Abigail CrastoVP - Marketing Live Pages Infotech Pvt Ltd
The possibilities are endless. We have seen the mobile app revolution very closely in India. A lot of businesses have benefitted by getting closer to their customers by developing mobile apps for their businesses. It is a fact that as time goes by, more and more people are going to get closer to their smartphones and it will become a a space which all brands and businnes will jostle to get into.
Oct 07, 2013
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