In which way should I look for to work in BoP-related field ? I am a French graduate in Business Mngmt & Sustainable Business?
Ojvind KrabbeFounder AfricaPace
Try to look in Google for BoP related success stories in Africa and thereby someone might lead your to companies and a relevant network. I have worked with a BoP related dairy company in West Africa for many years - got in contact with them through an article in a Danish business newspaper. There are interesting large multinationals such as Novo Nordisk developing a BoP related business in Mozambique: developing substitutes for firewood burning for cooking by using ethanol. Another idea could be to use mini portable solar panels to provide electricity to people in the streets - for e.g. hand phones. In all this, it is extremely important to understand the local market. It is extremely important to have a quality product, always available, one that creates value at an affordable price. I hope this can inspire, good luck.
Dec 29, 2011
I thank you for the advice Ojvind, I have used this method to look for BoP success stories and will keep doing so ! Thx a lot. - Aurelien Girault 8 years

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