What does one need to start a sports business in Africa?
Ojvind KrabbeFounder AfricaPace
You need to answer key questions: Why do you want to start this, where, and you need to analyze if you can make money on this venture. What are you going to sell, to whom, to how many, what is your source of supply, what is your price - what can you earn from this. If you are comfortable with the outcome of your analysis, you have to identify how you get the funds to start. Eventually you need to make a business plan to convince the people (if you need others with you) who are going to invest with you. Do you want to take a loan in a bank, get private investors etc?
Dec 04, 2011

Dickson JakindaAccountant and Business Consultant.
I have thought about a basketball-related business. To enable youth to earn from sports. That which can support kenyan basketball on the entertainment or technical part of the sport. What sport would you invest in Kenya? How about you share your 2 cents about running a sports business.
Dec 05, 2011
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