How do we improve daily working conditions in African companies?
susan nyajro tekoManager Lekker Cameroon
1 point. Voted up by Alex Karimi, Oscar Adem
We must start from the culture, the mentality, the way african think. Africans have a mentality of working hard to get paid. They have a culture of being comfortable in their current situations, and a way of having no vision. There are many more limitations that we can list as being hindrance to the change of working conditions. when all these are worked on, then employers will start to value employees.
Dec 13, 2011

Afrika ConsultancyConsulting
1 point. Voted up by Olufunke Sotinwa
First of all I would like to comment that looking at Africa as one big nation/one big country is wrong, because just like most other continents are diverse in Corporate or Social Culture, Africa is equally diverse. What is the country you are refering to in Africa? What is the specific problem you have identified?
Dec 16, 2011
Of course I know, I am looking to share experiences on the matter and you are free to answer according to your experiences from the countries you have worked in. Personally I have worked with the matter in Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria and advised companies from all the East African countries, Zambia, Zimbabe and SA - feel free - Sociability 8 years

Irene Azaratu KarimuJunior Consultant SRC Consulting Limited
I agree with Afrika Consultancy. Africa is a continent and not a big country as people perceive it to be. with regards to employees being paid well, i believe it the duty of the union workers, government agencies as well as the employers who will have to sit down and negotiate on the conditions of service to their employees. Also our attitudes and mindset must be changed because we need to be innovative at our work places. I believe if we equip ourselves with the required training, knowledge and skills these employers in the corporate world will be chasing us and not the other way round
Dec 19, 2011
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