What are the procedures related to starting up businesses in Kenya?
Thank you Ojvind, that is most helpful - and congrats on AfricaPace, it's a very nice concept.
Sep 24, 2011

Ojvind KrabbeFounder AfricaPace
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This question is very relevant and has already been answered on AfricaPace as "How do I start a company in Kenya as a foreign citizen". When you type this in the question bar on top you will see the question - click on it and all answers will appear.

But basically we advise to contact the following institutions as a start: Your Embassy, one of the four large international consultancy houses e.g. KPMG, the local investment center and a bank known for good relations to foreign investors. It is important to ask as many people as possible about starting up a business and best, to ask people who already have experience in starting a business. Build a trustworthy network and spend much time on this. It will come back to you many times - good luck.
Sep 24, 2011
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