We are an e-learning organisation. Why do we struggle to find suitable customers?
John Brandowceo Centurion Study Centre
1 point. Voted up by Frederik Pétursson Madsen
Your question actually surprises me quite a lot. As I see it your content is where the answer lies. Also you most probably did not draft a proper marketing plan and/or identified your target market. We are a Study centre looking for quality content (preferably accredited somewhere) and maybe we should connect. John Brandow
Sep 20, 2011
Thanks John. You can also reach me on lematt08@gmail.com Would like to connect - Syltex Systemic Learning Technologies 8 years

Amit VaidyaDirector Samkoman Consulting Limited
1 point. Voted up by Frederik Pétursson Madsen
There is a generic issue here underlying the question - the reason why most businesses struggle to find customers - lack of a clear marketing/business plan, possibly lack of research to identify the gap in the market, poor targetting of key clients, lack of a structured methodology to hunt for customers and maybe even no selling or presentation skills allied to a poorly differentiated service or product offering! You should also remember that e-learinign falls under Learning & Development and as budgets are tight, the first budget that is usually cut is L&D - so you are operating in a difficult environment and if you dont have a compelling proposition, it will get harder before it gets easier!
Sep 21, 2011

Performance ConsultantsEnergy & Environment
Are you referring to e-learning globally or are you targeting the African market?
Sep 21, 2011
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