Asked by Ojvind Krabbe Angola
What are the largest business potentials in Angola?
Mi Trans InternationalTrade & Retail
Egg Import from India
Sep 19, 2011
Hi Mi Trans International. Please refer to our policy on what make good answers @ We require that your answer provides an explanation and answers without reasoning are _not_ allowed. Please update your answer with reasoning. Kind regards - Frederik Pétursson Madsen 7 years

Justin du ToitAgricultural Economist Golder Associates Africa
Having recently completed several consulting Projects in Angola the largest business potential in the country are those around the construction, agricultural and mining sectors. There is huge scope for professionals providing consulting services to these sectors given Angola's focus on post-war reconstruction especially in addressing its infrastructure deficit. So any businesses in these sectors including construction companies, commercial farming, agro-processing and manufacturing operations represent significant business potential in Angola.

Notwithstanding the above, it is also worth mentioning that doing business in Angola can be challenging as actually setting up a business can involve some 69 separate steps according to a recent study by the World Bank.
Sep 28, 2011
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