Which wind measuring companies are there for wind energy projects in Africa?
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AfricaCO2e.org is a coalition and we have partners who have done this in Africa.

What we need is a summary of the wind project, the wind data that are available and how you expect the remuneration to be: are you paying for the wind study? Do you want us to partner in the project, e.g. we pay part of the wind study in exchange for shares in the company? How is the share remuneration and acquisition logic? What if the project doesn't go through, who's paying the costs for the wind study? How about the CO2e certificates? We can calculate these too. With all this info, we will do a swot and come with a proposal.

I think best is to slice-up the whole trajectory from studying to building to operating the windfarm, in order to limit the risks of working too much for nothing.

We prefer working from the back to the front sort of. Imagine the projects results in a windfarm producing 100 euro. How is this 100 euro divided? What money and resources do we need to get there? Who's doing what and in exchange for what? What if someone leaves the table on a certain moment, are there no penalties?

Looking forward to your email.
Sep 12, 2011

Eric McCartneyExecutive Director Chapin International LLC
There are many companies capable of providing you with this service from the siting and installation of wind mast, to monitoring the data, to providing you a report after sufficient data is collected. Most data loggers today are capable of sending the data via a mobile sim card.

Garrad Hassan is one of the top companies to provide this soup to nuts services. Please note the cost of installing a wind mast and monitoring for 12 months or longer has a cost of between US$100 - 150,000 depending on the wind mast. Other companies include 3Tier and WindProspect both of which can aslo provide you with a good service.

Need further assistance with the development of your project in Africa contact me.
Sep 12, 2011
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