What is the potential for laptops vs. tablets and smartphones in Africa?
How do you see future sales of laptops vs. tablet computers and smartphones in Africa?
Chris NdunguDigital Marketing Strategist www.vizzibo.wordpress.com
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I will give my feedback based on Kenyan Market.
25% of Kenya's population has access to the internet and internet penetration is growing rapidly with the landing of fibre optic cable.

Smartphones: Huawei - Ideos U8150 controls 45% of smart phone market share in Kenya and the Government projects that in the next 2-3years smart phones will control 80% of the handsets in Kenyan market. Whatever happens in Kenya Market is likely to be replicated in Eastafrica as well as South Africa.

Laptops & Tablets: Such government programs as 'One laptop per child' and Equity Bank's funding campaign for Students and teachers laptop's will boost laptop uptake by far.

Tablets have a slow uptake based on the fact that they are too costly compared to a laptop, only a small % of the potential buyers can make up the segment.
Sep 16, 2011
Hello Christopher. Can you perhaps supply details on the cargo security market in Kenia. I take it that as the market grows with electronics i.e. cell phones, laptops etc the need for cargo security intensifies? andre.duvenage@securelogistics.co.za - Andre Du Venage 8 years

Kofi Oduro GyartengStudent African University College of cOMMUNICATION
The rate of sales on laptops will increase as will smartphones but we can see a rise in tablets for businessmen and women and people who must work on tyhe go so I would the laptop still wins the battle. The loss for the smartphone/tablet is that the IT infrastructure is still under-developed and Data bundles are expensive in our part of the world.
Sep 12, 2011

Denis GithinjiTrainer KenCall
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Smartphones as well as Laptops are good bets. More Africans are likely to first meet the internet via a mobile phone than any other media.
Sep 13, 2011

Edmund Adu-DansoOperations Manager G. B. E. Ltd
I will put my bet on the smartphone winning the game ahead of laptops. Tablets... dicey.

My reasons - Three factors:

1. Convenience (handy, easy to carry everywhere, always on). The smartphone wins here.

2. Cost. Competition among telephony companies makes the customer the winner with lowering call rates. Running your internet business on your phone is dropping from luxury status to regular function.

3. Security. The more secure online business systems become, the more customers feel safe to run their banking and other businesses from the convenience of their handsets. Of course, it rests on the customer to configure the handset such that if it was stolen, the private data would not be readily accessible.
Sep 20, 2011
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