What is most important to succeed as a business man in Africa?
Brendan IhmigFounder/Co-owner PointBlunt Multimedia Productions
Integrity - Ingenuity - Insanity

Africa is unfortunately scarred by many corrupt and dubious business men (and women). In an every increasing business environment where people are aware of ill business practices, integrity will not only separate one from this but will also position you to be respected within your industry. Integrity, more than ever, is need to succeed and should be a quality we all strive to have and maintain as businessmen (and women)

Africa (for the most part) will remain a challenging environment to do business in. From lack of venture capital to essential infrastructure, applying creative to these challenges will be a key factor for success. Ingenuity will thus be required to be successful as an African businessman (or woman)

Albert Einstein defined Insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" In Africa it seems that in order to be a successful businessman (or woman) you need to have a willingness to continue over and over again, to try every possible method and solution available and to pursue every imaginable concept there is to achieve success. To some this may seem like pure insanity, but having a 'never say never' attitude can be an all important make or break way to do business and to succeed at it.

Sep 17, 2011
Thank you. This is a great answer - Frederik Pétursson Madsen 8 years

Sunday ChukwumaSales/Service Advisor
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Capital and Faithfulness:
No amount of promises can attract or convince customers in Africa.
Businesses that have enough capital can only succeed by high product quality and service delivery.
I have lived and worked in Nigeria. Many believe that 'seeing is believing' . There is lack of trust on business promises. People read papers or see adverts in other continents and believe on the promise but not so in Africa.
Business that stick to their words gain trust and customers loyalty that leads to success.
Sep 09, 2011

Chris NdunguDigital Marketing Strategist www.vizzibo.wordpress.com
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It goes without saying that you must do good and thorough research. Your business can target two segments;
1) top cream of the society - which is about 10% of the population, and controls 90% of the economy. This class have high disposable income and you have to provide them with high class services. They are keen to quality and not quantity, brands that reflect status matter and even where your business is located - Upmarket malls and Central Business District

2) The masses - this segment comprise bulk of African society. They have relatively low purchasing power. So whatever service you offer put into consideration Convenience and price. Package your product in a way that the message is easy to understand. Breakdown the product into small manageable sizes.

Sep 17, 2011

Chahine MamodCEO
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Hello after being born in African and being raised internationally there are many aspect this question can be answered with but ill touch base in one that i think is fundamental. The relationship with the people as i think that makes the success or failure of a product in Africa. When i say relationship it means touch of consumers, distributors, suppliers, government organizations ect....
Sep 10, 2011
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