Which examples are there of BOP businesses using digitalisation?
Frederik Pétursson MadsenCo-founder AfricaPace
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There are several examples of BOP businesses using ICT as an integrated part of their business model.

Grundfos Lifelink use m-payments for purchasing water (http://www.grundfoslifelink.com).

Another example is Bridge International Academies (http://www.bridgeinternationalacademies.com) which is an ultra low-cost primary school concept started in Kenya.

All payments, incoming and outgoing, including payrolls for workers (teachers, managers, construction workers), money for construction materials and school materials, and receipts of school fees are made through M-Pesa mobile-phone payments. Further, the schools are administrated through SMS messages, eliminating the need for paper and the handling of documents.

Digitisation is a key element in the model that allows Bridge International Academies to offer quality education at $4/month and effectively deal with corruption.

I am sure there are more great examples.
Sep 07, 2011
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