Is leadership the real challenge in africa or is it systematically being eroded by economic migration and lack of capital?
Ojvind KrabbeFounder AfricaPace
Your question is interesting and complex.

As a starting point Africa has tremendous potential within its human resources, raw materials and energy pool. With trust-worthy and consistent leader-ship, it is more likely that human resources and capital will stay in Africa and perform. It is almost certain that the inflow of capital from international investors will boom because low risk/ high potential is attractive to investors.

In our view leadership is key - The rest will follow.
Aug 26, 2011

There are successful African entrepreneurs, who have thrived despite the "perceived ineffective leadership".

Many Nigerian men started banks in the 90s, which presently have successful branches in other African countries and some offshore offices in the US and UK. They built business relationships with VISA, Mastercard and some international banks. Trading is also very lucrative in every African country due to a lack of manufacturing companies.

The manufacturing sectors in Africa failed to bloom because of a dearth of infrastructure to support factories: ineffective leadership? Yes.

The key to success in Africa is to study the environment and the peculiar challenges it presents, and then work with or around them. There are a number of venture capital funds to support business plans in Africa. Capital is available.

An educated African with foresight will see the immense economic potential Africa has to offer and remain or return to Africa and contribute in any small way - economically, politically, socially - to realize this potential (for example, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former Managing Director of the World Bank). I doubt such Africans (of which there is a growing number) will need to be coerced to refrain from migrating for economic reasons.
Sep 15, 2011
Africa - in my humble view offers the worlds biggest opportunity- from agriculture to resource and consumption. but any business person with ethics struggles to survive. Its not that there is no opportunities. Plenty. Its simply feeling lead into a prosperous future from a regrettable past. However the challenge is: I stand more chance in doing business in Ghana with European partners than as a South African business person, thats regretable. - Sakhile Malinga 8 years

Josh ChigwangwaSupport Officer Hertfordshire County Council
2 points. Voted up by Sakhile Malinga,
My view is that its more of structural problem in that clustering itself (Africa) into small countries and duplicating efforts will see Africa develop at a dimishing rate no matter how good the leadership is. It has to block itself into a Union or Unions, remove internal barriers designed to outdo each other within Africa itself. It has to rationalise key services across the continent and not have each country trying to compete with the likes of say India, China or the USA. It has to take a leaf from the EU and tackle its challenges as a block,
Sep 15, 2011
Agreed, Come home and change it. - Sakhile Malinga 8 years

Nasir Muhammad ConsultingConsulting
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Leadership will attract the skill set and capital needed to build the infrastructure that makes migration unnecessary.
Aug 26, 2011

Joel OatesProject Manager, South Sudan Business Council SOAS
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Very interesting question you pose. Leadership in Africa I agree is the real challenge, and with this political culture, which in many African countries has not changed from the corrupt practices of the past. This is one of the reasons for a lack of foreign direct investment in some African countries (Sierra Leone). Trying to get away from this 'winner takes all' culture which takes place in some election processes is going to be hard but need to take place in order for Africa to prosper.
Sep 15, 2011

Sakhile MalingaOther
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Economic migration remains the single largest erosion of leadership from the continent, the potential to stay and make a difference is negated by the perception of ineffective leadership maximising on the ignorance of the majority.
The opportunities in the continent exceeds every other place on the planet, however without leaders the pockets of change will emerge but will not be sustainable unless lead by Africans.
China,or europe for that matter would not have emerge without indegious leaders within their civilizations.Every flight to major destinations of opportunity are filled with foreign players in search of opportunities, however the african experts stay away in the worlds major markets.

India did it well, when a sizeable intelligista moved to silicon valley and returned with the knowledge to build india call centre industry.
The challenge we have is the 52 countries and the lack of a common leadership that says "WE ARE BUILDING AFRICA NOW COME HOME"
Sep 09, 2011
There are two components to leadership in this discussion. Political leadership is required to create an environment that is conducive to business, and new ventures in particular. Business leadership will automatically flow to where such an environment exists. - Ilanyezi 8 years

Josh ChigwangwaSupport Officer Hertfordshire County Council
1 point. Voted up by Sakhile Malinga
The comment so far seem to suggest that leadership capabilities in Africa are existant with the quesition how do we fix it emerging? Africa needs to refocus and up its game to compete with other continents in a more co-rdinated and structured approach as a Union. Its polarised into 52 countries just like a football team with strikers all eager to score a hat-trick. To fix it, there is need to improve governance systems to be more co-ordinated and less selfish or ego-centric. Pooling resources to create an African Bond which is applied to create an enabling enviroment for growth, more like the set-up of theUSA governance system and remove trade barriers within Africa and negotiating for a common currency to create a uniform economic system. For example, the bond can be used to finance projects such as the Cape to Cairo Motorway and Rail Link to facilitate infrastructural development that has potential for economic growth across the continent, creating jobs and industries in the process, Financing giant power generation projects in the DRC where it is ideal capable of meeting power demands for at least 15 to 20 countries in the current set-up. Wild life in Southern Africa is moving in this direction but it has to co-rdinated with other key services for it to succceed. For now its an uphill struggle more like pushing toothpaste back into its tube, but its clear, its either that approach or Africa will always lag behind and rely on foreign aid because its not utilising its resources and potential effectively. Other economies have reformed over periods dating back 400 years and it has not been an easy ride at all.
Sep 16, 2011

For me leadership and skills are available in the continent... But the lack of capital or risk taker investors, it is quite difficult to unleash the real power within the human resources available in the continent...

The market is here, ideas also, but all hindered by a wrong perception on the continent's potentialities. While investors currently mainly focuses on established companies with records of "well-being" or big companies, investments should be focused on the SME segment, which is the economy boosters.

What do you think?
Sep 09, 2011

Sunday ChukwumaSales/Service Advisor
Leadership failure is the real challenge. There are still enough capable hands resident in Africa but lack good support
Sep 09, 2011
how do we fix it? - Sakhile Malinga 8 years

Sakhile MalingaOther
This is a time of growth, innovation and leadership in Africa.

Mark Shuttleworth

We are seeing a transformation in expectations. Africa is no longer simply a supplier of raw materials to the world. We are starting to see a growing connectedness, a growing cohesiveness, a growing awareness on the continent. People, from many countries on the continent, are increasingly connected by voice, SMS and the internet. That connectivity, that coming together, is changing the way people feel about their place in Africa and the world.
Sep 16, 2011
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