How do I implement a CSR strategy in my business in Africa?
Virtual Linguistic SolutionsConsulting
Good question. You may consult They are located in Accra and are the only consulting firm knowledgeable about this sector.
Oct 15, 2011

Manasseh MirukaEntrepreneurship Consultant Independent Consultant
Hi Krabbe, This is a very interesting field. I did my MBA thesis on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy in Africa, targeting listed companies in the NSE and had some interesting findings with regards to this subject. If you would contact me privately on, I can share more with you.
Oct 17, 2011

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Hi, I use Global Compact as my first benchmark and guideline. As we grow, the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) comes into picture. But generally. I'd be very happy to share experiences, as I am also trying to find our way. For the big guys out there, we do CSR monitoring.
Feb 16, 2012

Implementing CSR and or Global Compact in any business must come from the leaders in the company organisation and be an integral part of the companys strategy and daily work.

It must not be a "add on" task - anyone in the organisation must be trained and trained to live the idea of social responsibility. Therefore it is a good idea to identify the main key areas where action can be taken with regard to CSR and Global Compact.

Start with the most logic area and begin implementing with thorough explanation and information about what the reasoning behind the program is. Then start the actual implementation and as positive results are seen build more areas to daily operations. It is advised to write down all experiences and reactions from the implementaiton process. It is highly valuable for future operations.

Also contact Sociability, a company which amongst other has assisted Fan Milk NIgeria in implementing their CSR strategy. Sociability are members on AfricaPace:
Aug 22, 2011
Thank you Frederik - we are here to help and share. Not only how to implement a CSR strategy, but also to help identify the critical starting points on which priorities, strategies and action planning can be based.

By the way we are planning to offer our courses in strategic CSR, that include individual guidance, in East Africa soon. For more info contact us on phone: +45 28 92 34 84. - Sociability 8 years

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