Asked by Dorothy Semu AfricaPace
What is a pitch?
ChandrakanthReddy TatigotlaGlobal Business Development Expert Stixis Technologies Pvt Ltd
A pitch is a short presentation of an idea or company used as a first step in getting the attention of a VC, a bank, an angel investor or any other
potential funding source or strategic partner. We also use pitches for
Review Boards.
The ultra short version of the pitch is called the elevator pitch. You use the elevator pitch when you meet new people – in an elevator or at a network event and they ask you what you do.
Aug 22, 2011

Frederik Pétursson MadsenCo-founder AfricaPace
In addition to ChandrakanthReddy Tatigotla excellent contribution, I would add that on AfricaPace you use the pitch function as an opportunity share a concise explanation of what you offer or are looking for.
Aug 23, 2011
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