Which wind energy companies are there in Africa?
Eric McCartneyExecutive Director Chapin International LLC
This is a very broad question. There are very few experienced "wind companies" in Africa. I define wind companies as developers of wind projects. There are a number of companies who have little or no experience and need capital and development expertise. There are a number of foreign wind companies which have taken up residency in south Africa to chase the wind business in this country.
Aug 22, 2011

Mnachem SharronPrincipal International Busienss Development
I consult to Technospin - see www.tswind.com - who are looking for business partners in Africa. They make small wind generators.
Pls contact me on m.sharron@gmail.com
Aug 24, 2011

Suza AdamManaging director Spindle Communications
On the 15th and 16th of October 2013 the third Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking conference for the African continent is to be held at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton South Africa.

Called Viridis Africa, the event is dedicated to entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services.

Principals who would present their business opportunities at this event would have the audience of numerous local and foreign investors, stratified according to their interest and investment criteria.

Investors would include venture capital, private equity, project and corporate finance outfits and others dedicated to the clean tech sector. They would also include North American, European funding agencies, major Asian industrial conglomerates, technology specific investment funds and major companies who seek strategic alliance and acquisitions.

Visit www.viridisafrica.com for more information, or contact suza.adam@spindlecommunications.com
Sep 13, 2012
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