Can any one from the group help me out in getting touch with new business partners?
Arjen WiersmaManaging Director getBIZZI Pty Ltd & VP sales worldwide getBIZZI Ltd. getBIZZI Pty Ltd.
1 point. Voted up by Steve Cash, Olanrewaju Taiwo,
What kind of business partners are you looking for? And what business do you represent?
Aug 10, 2011

Ojvind KrabbeFounder AfricaPace
Could you please be more specific about who and what you are looking for. In what field are you lookng for business partners?
Aug 11, 2011

Evica Agencies is a new business with only 4 years in practice,could this be what you are looking for?
Aug 31, 2011

Cogedis-Oilfield ServiceEnergy & Environment
Hi Chandra, what field & what country/region ?
Sep 07, 2011
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