Which donor agencies provides grants or loans to private sector initiatives?
Frederik Pétursson MadsenCo-founder AfricaPace
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My answer will focus on the support available from The Danish Aid Agency (Danida).

Danida runs the private sector program Danida Business Partnerships (DBP). The programme provides up to DKK 5 million support ($1.000.000).

The program consists of two phases, a preparatory phase, where the objective is to develop a business model and a implementation phase objective is to implement the newly developed business model.

The first phase (preparatory phase) may include partner identification, study visits, market analysis and business model development. It is supported up to $150.000 and Danida reimburst 75% of the expenses.

The second phase (implementation phase) may include various costs for implementation of the business model and is supported up to $1.000.000 (minus expenses from the previous phase). Danida reimburst 50% of the expenses.

Partners are required to have a clean track record and be credible and credit-worthy. Further, a Danish partner company is required.

You are able to read more about the program via dbpartnerships.um.dk
Aug 10, 2011
i want to know if danida invest in green businesses - hatem lahdhili 8 years

Petronella du ToitFounder ZA Trade
Danida sounds wonderfull, - How many funded already? Guess credible and credit-worthy is a very strong filter at this stage - this is if you use the reports compiled and issued by Africa's Monopoly.
Sep 15, 2011
Hi Petronella. I am not sure of the exact number of how many ventures Danida funds every year, but my approximation is more than 20 a year. The most important factor for Danida is that there is a clear developmental impact combined with a clear business model. - Frederik Pétursson Madsen 8 years

Petronella du ToitFounder ZA Trade
In my experience, the distribution channel of these Donor funds never realy reach those it intends to help. Its a never ending blame game between stakeholders in the downline DTI > Khula > Banks & other FSP's
Dec 12, 2011
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