Martin Phiri
Director - Business DevelopmentFonteyn Imports & Exports LtdCalgaryCanada Country of interest: Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia Sector of interest: Commodities, Construction, Education & Research, Finance & Investment, Tourism & Recreation More

I am in the financial sector - Commercial Insurance Brokering - but also are involved with personal project to help countries above import North American goods in a mitigated environment through my services. My business is helping bridge the gap there currently is between African who desire to purchase merchandize in North America and their lack of purchasing financial transfer facilities e.g. Credit Cards, North American Mailing Address (a requirement for most US companies). This forum, therefore is a vehicle to the temperary solutions I endeavor to offer especially in Zambia, where my current base is. I intend to expand into Malawa and Swaziland sooner or later.

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