Frederik Pétursson Madsen
Co-founderAfricaPaceCopenhagenDenmark Country of interest: Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda Sector of interest: ICT More

Co-Founder of AfricaPace and working at DI International Business Development at The Confederation of Danish Industry focusing on business development and innovation at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP)

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What are the main fast moving consumer goods in West Africa?
Frederik asked a question Mar 07, 20151 answer Follow
What bank would you recommend for a fellow entrepreneur?
Frederik asked a question Jul 01, 2014 0 answers Follow
What are the best dry fruit exporters out of East Africa?
Frederik asked a question Apr 10, 20141 answer Unfollow
What are the most successful e-commerce companies in Africa?
Frederik asked a question Apr 09, 2013 0 answers Follow
What are the hottest African start-ups to watch in 2013?
Frederik asked a question Mar 05, 20133 answers Follow
Where to find a person in Ghana for a start-up IT company?
Frederik answered a question Nov 19, 2012 0 answers Follow

Frederik Pétursson Madsen Co-founder AfricaPace
Meltwater School of Entrepreneurship would be a great place to start. The school provides training and mentoring for aspiring African software entrepreneurs. MEST Trainees are recruited...
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