User Guide

Utilise the full potential of AfricaPace by getting to know all key elements of the platform.

Searching & asking questions

A combined search and ask field? The search field on AfricaPace is also used for adding new questions. While typing your question a AfricaPace generates a list of similar previously asked. Choose on of these questions and get an immediate answer to your question. If none of the suggested questions covers exactly what you look for, simply click the ‘Ask’ button and add your question.

By following a cluster you join a stream of questions and answers and space where you are able to pitch and explain what you are looking for. Essentially you join a specialised network of people, companies and experts who all concentrate around the same topic. It is important that your questions are added to the correct clusters in order to target the right audience.


Here you are able to search for members by country, sector and interest. It is possible to search by combining all three parameters or by using one. You are able to view only people or companies by clicking the links ‘Display persons’ or ‘Display Companies’ at the top of the page.

Pitch & experience

On each cluster page you are able to add your pitch and experience. A pitch is your opportunity to explain what are looking for to the community. This allows other members to purposefully connect with you. Adding your experience provides a resume of your background within the cluster.


You are able to vote answers up and down. Vote great answer up to show your appreciation and push the most relevant answer to the top.

Follow questions

By following interesting questions you receive an email notification when a new answer has been added. This is particularly useful if there are now answers as it also notifies other people that you are looking for an answer.


Home aggregates content from the cluster and questions that you are following creating a unique page with all the content which interest you. By following or unfollowing clusters you are able to change the content of your home page.


Your profile page is important. The page provides an overview of the clusters that you are following and the pitch and experience you have added to each cluster. People are able to read which topics interest you, your experience within than field and what you are looking for, creating a much more interest profile than the typical online CV. Your profile pager further provides an overview of the your activities on AfricaPace.

Connecting to LinkedIn

By connecting to LinkedIn you add a link on your AfricaPace profile to your LinkedIn profile making it easy for people to find you. By connecting you are further able to easily invite connections and share content with your network on LinkedIn.


Settings allow you to change your profile details, change your password, email and select which mail notifications your receive from AfricaPace. It is also possible to delete your profile from the settings page.


Your inbox shows all email communication with other AfricaPace members.

Finding new clusters

Find new cluster to follow by browsing the complete list located on your home page. The list is located at the bottom of the right column.