Be aware of scam and people with negative intentions. Precautionary aspects about doing business:

  • Spend ample amounts of time getting to know a potential business partner in person before transferring any money or signing any legally binding contracts
  • Prioritise spending time building a local network in order to understand and collect background information about individuals and companies with which you consider doing business
  • Never trust or reply to letters where you are offered large sums of money for performing a small favour
  • Please also read our privacy policy document

  • Reporting

    AfricaPace offers you a “Reporting” function, which can be access throughout the site.The function allows you to report misuse or untrustworthy behaviour on our site. We urge you to use this function if necessary. You are welcome to contact AfricaPace directly and ask questions about potential partners or individuals. We might be able to help you within the framework of our existing network.