Øjvind Krabbe • Founder

Øjvind Krabbe holds a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics from the Royal and Veterinary University in Copenhagen and a Master degree in Agricultural Business Management from University of Stellenbosch and Bellville MBA Business School in South Africa (a. 1999).

An extensive portfolio of international positions at managerial level within agriculture, trade and marketing has provided Øjvind with a solid professional background. Øjvind has achieved noteworthy results with agricultural project management in Swaziland, as well as within production, distribution and marketing of dairy products in West Africa. Supplementing his knowledge of this field, Øjvind has succeeded in establishing a procurement centre in Malaysia, facilitating trading of raw and packaging materials between Africa and the Far East and China.

It is this comprehensive experience with all parts of the process of both agricultural and industrial production, as well as with the economics and practicalities of international trade, which has inspired and enabled Øjvind to act on his vision of business development and launch AfricaPace.

Øjvind has traveled extensively in Africa and conducted feasibility studies and repprt on business development in more than 15 countries. From 2010 to 2011 Øjvind lived in Liberia and led a business turn around for Fan Milk International. Currently Øjvind lives in Copenhagen and works with Ingleby Farms & Forests as Head of Product and Business Development.